About Us

Haggerty & Haggerty, P.A. was founded in 1949 by Joseph and Alice Haggerty [photo on right].   Mr. & Mrs. Haggerty have since passed away.

The Firm continues under the direction of partners James R. Zdimal, CPA ["Jim"], and Vincent S. Barbone, CPA, CFE, CGMA ["Vince"].


Jim and Vince have both been with the firm for 30+ years, and enjoy providing continuing service to long-time clients, as well as accepting new clients along the way.

Firm Profile 

Haggerty & Haggerty, P.A. is considered to be one of the oldest public accounting firms in the State of Delaware.  The Firm's objective is to provide clients with accounting, auditing, tax and management advisory services of the highest quality within the parameters of the ever-changing independence requirements.  Firm policies and practices emphasize its high standards of excellence and responsibility throughout its practice.  Haggerty & Haggerty, P.A. has an outstanding reputation for serving organizations in substantially all the major segments of the economy.

Organizationally our offices are located in Wilmington, Delaware.


The Firm makes sure that its personnel meet the required continued education requirements, thereby enhancing the Firm’s ability to effectively serve its clients. The Firm has actively participated in numerous programs on accounting, auditing and tax subjects.  In addition, we provide personalized training to management and accounting personnel of our clients on current developments. 


The Firm possesses extensive knowledge of the government and nonprofit sectors.


The Firm and/or its personnel are members of the AICPA, AICPA PCPS, DSCPA, PICPA, ACFE, and Philadelphia CFE.


Being a member of the AICPA's Private Companies Practice Section [PCPS] assures the business community that the Firm: 

~  regularly receives a peer review of its accounting and auditing practice; 

~  submits peer review results to a public file; 

~  participates in professional education programs to keep current with issues

       affecting the profession;  and

~  belongs to the largest organized group of quality firms.